Our Future

“Everyone was shouting to him: “Stop! “. He was listening to them, of course, but he kept running. He kept on without no break. Without no rest. Just desiring to achieve the goal and, consequently, the best seat to witness the future as that it was getting closer”

Mr. Paco Bultó not only taught us how to know the true passions; he also showed us that the future is always better if we challenge to build it tailored.

In an era dominated by the 4 strokes , Don Paco bet for the innovating 2 strokes. This step in advance, that bet and firm conviction allowed Bultaco to be successful in the motorcycles market and make its technology a winning bet.

Today we continue to innovate with the same overcoming spirit from the past; that’s why we bet for a new drive train system we do trust and developed with all our passion to deliver to all Bultaquistas (the old and the new ones!), something really new: a new riding experience.

We begin to see the future and the best of all is that we already have the seat reserved we want to ride it on.


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