The Brinco arrives in Benelux, full of fun!

The Brinco arrives in Benelux, full of fun!

The place: the Belgian circuit of Zolder. The reason: the presentation of the new Brinco line in Benelux. A great chance to see our Moto-Bikes in action … and, as always, our Brinco let nobody down!

An E-MX (Electric Motocross) event was held sat which Bultaco was spotlighted in the Brinco Race, in which some of the world’s top cyclocross riders, like two-time category champion Niels Albert, and other names, like Stijn Hofman, Wietse Bosmans, Jan Denuewelaere, Vincent Baestaens and Arne Daelmans, jumped on our Moto-Bike and put them to the test on the circuit. The best riders for Bultaco’s Moto-Bike!

Even the heavy rain couldn’t stop our Brincos from shining. Handled by these top riders, they really dazzled the crowd.

After the race a muddy Niels Albert, with a smile on his face after the Brinco experience, said:

“We had a great time. A wonderful experience. Totally different. The Brinco is a blast. It really surprised me.”

At this point it seems to be mathematical: when you try it, you don´t want to get off. The Brinco gets you hooked!

Event attendees were able to enjoy the Brinco in action and see with their own eyes everything it is capable of, and also to check out the whole Brinco line, right up close.

The Brinco R, RE, C and S will be available at the first Bultaco Spaces to be inaugurated soon after this event.

Bultaco is on a roll. Want to know more?

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