The Brinco shines and dazzles at the Nirvana Xtreme

The Nirvana Xtreme, one of the toughest Enduro and Trial races today, is only for the boldest riders. Fog, mud, impossible obstacles, spectacular jumps and only the riders’ skills to overcome all these challenges.  A unique event that we just could not miss, and that we have been proud to sponsor.

Only those who dare to go know what it’s all about. Demanding motorbike fans who really love two-wheeled thrills.

Many of the attendees were able to enjoy the Brinco in the spectacular setting served up by Nirvana in a way completely unlike anything they had ever experienced. Hungry for special sensations and in search of something different, they got on the Brinco, and it dazzled them. Of course!

Hard enduro events are held on the main circuit, with riders giving it their all. All their efforts were worth it, as a Brinco awaited the winner at the finish line …

Not even champion Pol Tarres was able to resist playing with the Brinco. Wheelies, skids, and even riding it like a Trial bike … he had a blast every single way!

Congratulations to the champion and remember that you, as Nirvana Xtreme attendees, can enjoy the Brinco experience at any time.

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