Many people still ask us: why the Bultaco is back with an electric propulsion system? 

We are aware that taking a new path is always challenging, but for many reasons, we do believe we are going the right way.

All the ‘bultaquistas’, both the past and the new generations, demand much more than just two wheels. 

They look for a new ride experience combining overcoming performances, the facilities of a full connectivity with the cloud, and top efficiency. New technology solutions based on the same values as always: innovation, passion, and competition. 

The efforts that important motorcycles’ brands such as BMW, Yamaha, Honda, KTM, and even Harley Davidson, are making to develop alternative propulsion systems (despite the way to declare – less or more officially – this commitment) confirm a clear market trend.

A new era is about to arrive and Bultaco will be among the leaders.

That’s why, the electric propulsion is for us the present and the future.

The new Bultaco motorbikes will offer a thrilling ride experience with all the vanguard technology of the 21st century’s

Gerald Poellmann
President and Co-fundador of Bultaco Motors

Footer: Gerald Poellmann with Sammy Miller, legend of racing with Bultaco and Norman Hossack, Inventor of the Duo-Lever.

Bultaco World Premiere – 17/05/2014 – London.


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