If something has been made clear over all these years, it is Bultaco’s capacity to forge its own style.  All the motorcycles created by Don Paco Bulto’s team are easily recognizable, and have always been reference points and examples influencing other important names in the motor vehicles industry.

When Bultaco launched the Tralla 101 onto the market, it immediately realized that it had created a unique model that would be remembered for a long time to come.  Thus, years later, and in a market characterized by new trends, it was decided to manufacture it again.

Tralla 102: But this time around with a more powerful motor, better features, and a bolder design: it was conceived as a sport motorcycle for young beginners. The new design maintained the color of its predecessor, while its cooled brakes and two-piece handlebars were particularly striking. It was also the last Bultaco model to employ the original 4-stroke San Antonio motor.

We can proudly say that it was one of the models that lasted the longest in the Bultaco catalogue, emerging as the motorcycle with the most units produced in the make’s history.

At Bultaco we’re watching the rear-view to keep an eye on our tradition and legacy. And putting on the turn light as we veer into the future.


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