Tough terrain? There’s a Brinco that’s right for you!

The Brinco is designed for you, whatever roads you take and your approach to life. Its spirit pervades you, spurring you to always go one step further. A rock attitude has penetrated you, and there’s no turning back now. You’re ready to get on it and out on the road, but … do you know where to get the most out of each of our Moto-Bikes?

We’ll give you all the details!

The Brinco R is the hard-hitter of the family, designed for off-road use and sporty riding, without limits, on any private circuit.  The R gets your adrenaline pumping and dazzles you in ways that you cannot even imagine: jumps, obstacles, tight turns … get the most out of it and quench your thirst for thrills with our wildest Moto-Bike!

La Brinco R-E is the line’s off-roader. Its natural habitat is outdoors, on dirt trails, gravel, mud and grass, where it shines and thrives. It is designed to overcome every obstacle in these kinds of settings, and, above all, to make your riding experience, as you jump, skid and hit the pedals, simply unforgettable. It is for the most daring, fears nothing, and is ready for action. Are you ready for it?

The Brinco C is designed for maximum rider comfort. If you are looking for new experiences, this is your Moto-Bike. It is the perfect companion to enjoy long outdoor rides. Take on roads, whether dirt or asphalt, at your own pace and with no worries, as with the Brinco C you’ll break out of the daily grind in the utmost comfort. Guaranteed! Are you going to miss it?

The Brinco S is the urbanite of the family, the ideal companion to explore every corner of the city and to make your daily commute real fun. It slips through city traffic like a fish through water, making every day a new and exciting adventure. On it, you’ll always want to take the long way. Plus, its handlebars and seat are designed to maximise comfort on your rides. Distinction and urban style, complete with pedals and an electric throttle!

There you have it! You decide the terrain to tackle, get on your Brinco, and have a blast. If you’re still not sure which is your favourite, come for a test ride and find out.

What are you waiting for?


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