There is only one chance to make a first impression. Don Paco had it right. That is why before deciding to become the leader of the global trial, he ventured to feel the ground.Thus as the result of the best impressions, one of the bikes in charged of his first stage show was born, the superiority of two-stroke prototypes was ready to tell the world that it had been lit by Bultaco to clinch a place in history.

2015 marks the 50-year anniversary of Bultaco’s most legendary and well known model, the Sherpa T. So this is dedicated to her, the queen of trials, the one who marked the before and after in the history of the field.

At the beginning of the 60’s, when trials was still unknown specialty in Spain, Bultaco began to send their officials pilots to participate in some internationals trials, with the idea of experimenting it’s possibilities in a field completely dominated by the english four-stroke engines. They used prototypes of the Sherpa N and the great results served the brand to decide finally to develop an exclusive trial bike.

Bultaco made contact with the best trial rider of the moment, Sammy Miller, to collaborate with the development of the model. And thats how the Sherpa T was born, the one who in 1965, the same year of its release became the first not English and the first two-stroke motorcycle to ever win the prestigious event of the Scottish Six Days Trial, the most important event in the field.

The Sherpa T was the first of many others motorcycles exclusively dedicated to trials and it was marketed in different developments through the years. And that’s how Bultaco started it’s streak of successes dominating the specialty worldwide which lasted until the definitive closure of the factory.


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