In the spring… the Brinco is raring to go!

Now is its time, and it knows it. The Brinco continues its expansion, reaching more and more bultaquistasit´s a real hit!

Its appeal was evident at the Enduro MTB championships, held in El Entrego (Asturias) from 8-10 April, where it was the star at a site eroded by the rains that fell during the days prior.

But, as we always say, we don’t want to stop. We can’t, and we won’t. Whenever possible, we will enjoy the Brinco together, and we’ll never put on the brakes.

Of this are fans in Cartagena are fully aware, who on April 16 shared with us the “Route of the Fortresses,” organized by the Spanish Navy’s Marine Corps, where they were able to check out the Brinco up close. In fact, the organizers featured them during the event, which drew a large number of participants (more than 4,000!), along with many curious spectators. They also opened each one of the race’s different modalities … here you have them, ready for action!

Meanwhile, at the Sustainable Transportation Fair in Las Palmas attendees were able to check out first-hand our Motorcycle/Bicycle’s fantastic features. After our store opening on the neighboring island of Tenerife, bultaquistas in the Canaries will soon be able to the enjoy the thumb-up brand in Las Palmas, at Bicis Vegueta, to be exact. (Photo: We look forward to starting our engines!

But that still wasn´t enough for us. The Brinco is raring for action! So, on Saturday, April 23, starting at 12 noon, we were able to experience together what it feels like to get on a Brinco. Bultaco Canarias organized a new Bultaco Day in El Rosario, at which those who turned out had a blast with our Motorcycle/Bicycle.

We are leaving the winter behind and moving into the spring, and electricity is running through our veins. And it’s surging.

Can you feel it?



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