September is a month that means many things. We say farewell to a time of leisure and return to the daily grind. Although the calendar doesn’t indicate it, this is really a “new year” for many.

This is a time for all kinds of new things, challenges, goals and adventures. For Bultaco this September begins with fireworks, as our work has finally paid off and produced tangible results, like the first deliveries of the 175 units of the Brinco Limited Edition, and the warm welcome it has receive by those who have tried it, which is truly gratifying, and the imminent opening of several sales locations across the country.

It is still early to share with you everything that is coming up, but we can unveil one bit of news: just as September opens its doors for us, we are opening them in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: as of Sunday, 6 September our friends way down south will be able to get on a Bultaco Brinco there.

And this is just a small sample of what is in store and we will soon announce, so don’t take your eyes off us. During this “new year” we are going to dazzle you again and again.

We look forward to seeing you at: C/Del Castillo 80, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38003.



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