New headlight. Now your Brinco R shines at night too!

Yes, we know. When you’re riding your Brinco, time really flies. You like to savour every curve, every surge and jump that you find along the way. It’s a feeling that only those who have ridden a Brinco can really understand…

There aren’t enough hours in the day to ride it, and sometimes you’d like to keep on going, even at night. Even after you get home, with the Brinco you always want more…

Now, with the new Brinco Headlight Kit, you can keep on going!

We present to you this new accessory designed so you can ride your Brinco R even after nightfall. It features powerful Supernova M99 Pure LED technology. With 1000 Lumens, you’re guaranteed maximum visibility, and setting it up is easy and quick.

See Complete New Brinco Headlight Info

This new accessory joins others, like our Rack, that we offer you to make your Brinco experience even more intense, if that’s possible.

With the new Brinco R Headlight Kit you’ll become a star shining bright through the night.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!


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