Bultaco’s logo with it’s charasteristic thumbs-up is one of the brands strongest symbols and has managed to stay largely intact over the years with very few tweaks, transmitting the same values ​​as at the time of its creation.

  • Where did the idea come from?

As with all things Bultaco, Mr. Paco Bultó was directly involved with the original design of the logo. In an era where there was less importance placed on brand image, Bultaco was created from the very beginning as a strong and consistent brand thanks to its graphic image and brand philosophy.

The origin of the iconic thumbs-up is found in two sources of inspiration:

  1.  The first one originates from the world of racing, specifically the Tourist Trophy races in the Isle of Man, one of the oldest and most iconic RACES worldwide. The long 62km lap made contact between rider and mechanics difficult, so they had to resort to non-verbal communication (thumbs up) to say that all systems were working properly.
  2. The second origin comes from the military field. The Royal Air Force pilots  (RAF, Royal Air Force) during World War II used the same thumbs-up symbol before landing to communicate the success of their missions (raids).

The name Bultaco, elegant and easy to pronounce, emerged from the telegraphic address of Mr. Paco himself, linking the first letters of his surname “Bult” with the last three of his name “aco”.

The central circle represents the spline of San Antonio motor’s shaft, the first one designed by the brand for its Tralla 101, seen in cross-section.

Finally, CEMOTO, which corresponds to the acronym of “Compañía Española de Motores” – the official manufacturer’s name – and subsequently “Made in Spain” and “Reg. Trade Mark completed the mark.

The Bultaco logo successfully harmonized all these elements to fully embody the spirit of the Brand.

The main author was the designer Raimundo Graells. He dealt the Brand’s graphic design until 1964, creating the following year the agency C.R.I.T that would be in charge of all advertising and logos until the company’s closure.

Mr. Paco bet on the thumbs-up as a symbol of the brand, destined to be the most honored Spanish motorcycling emblem. He knew from the beginning that he was creating more than just an image, but rather a symbol for a philosophy of life that no one could ever stop.

Museu de la Moto de Barcelona. 


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