2The VI  Congress, #MentesBrillantes2015, organized by El Ser Creativo on October 15th and 16th at Teatro Circo Price in Madrid, has been starred in by a group of international speakers like Frank Stephenson (McLaren) or James Cosmos (Game of Thrones)  who have offered their particular vision about their business models or their secret to “educate the being.” The object? Provide ideas to change the world.

Our CEO, Juan Manuel Vinós, has been one of the chosen to share the inspiring idea of the new Bultaco´s period in this event. Doubtlessly, the real engine of the“Thumb-up” brand is a mix of innovation, competition and passion of those who are part of Bultaco family. For this reason, Juan Manuel Vinós wanted to emphasize that “this new project is based on sharing a dream with dear and special people.”

The return of Bultaco, which had shocked not only the Bultaco lovers, but all motorcycle lovers, has come pushing hard in innovation. The electric motor, a clear step through reinvention and technology, shows that the brand is here to stay. Furthermore, it follows the latest trends.

Ideas to change the world. Ideas for a brilliant future.


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