Generally, nobody remembers his first birthday. Do you remember when you first blew out the candles?  Does anyone remember what he was given? Even if you have a great memory, don’t deceive yourself: you don’t remember.

On 17 May we celebrate one year. But we have a whole other life behind us. So, we’re really turning 57.

Depending on how one looks at it, we are the new kids on the block, or the old industry veterans. Bultaco’s philosophy has always been the same: passion, innovation and competition. We have returned to stay, to revolutionize the motorcycling world (again) and make you dream about the name you grew up with, that of the thumb-up sign.  Dream again.

Only one year, but with many highlights, among them:

-We shocked the whole world by announcing Bultaco’s return, with a new and excited team.
-The presentation of two motorcycles: the Rapitán and the Rapitán Sport, which break motorcycle world molds.
-We have established our “new home” in Barcelona near the famous Montmeló circuit. At the entrance a sculpture of our founder proudly stands: Don Paco Bultó, to ever remind us that we can achieve everything we fight for.
-We have worked, and continue to work, to establish strategic agreements throughout Europe allowing us to reach everyone who wants to buy a new Bultaco.
-And we surprised everyone again with the launch of what will be the first Bultaco of the 21st century: the Brinco, featuring a new, unique and revolutionary concept: the motorcycle/bicycle.
-In addition, we have placed a Brinco Limited Edition on sale on our website at, and more than 120 people have already placed orders, to write their names in history.
-We have also taken our name back to the US, a land of great success and great glory.
-Every day we venture out on new projects, like our sponsorship of the “2much” yacht and our Bultaco Sailing Team. If we promised that we would return to dazzle, we have to follow through on that. The road is not enough for us, so we decided to brave the seas too.
-And a long list of other small achievements that, together, have allowed us to grow and mark one year, blowing out the candles with pride.

All this in just one year. You can tell that we had been waiting for this for a long time, can’t you?

We want to tell you one thing: we have big plans. This, compared to what’s on the drawing board, is nothing.

At Bultaco we want to thank you for having been at our side all year. If you have dreamed once again, prepare to fly, Bultaco buff!

Happy first anniversary!


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