The new Brinco Discovery, at the Barcelona Motor Show!

We recently announced the creation of the Brinco Discovery Limited Edition, our new sensation on two wheels, fruit of a collaborative effort between Bultaco and Land Rover.

Two longstanding brands that share common terrain: adventure, adapting together to new times without abandoning their essences.

Imagine exploring mountains in your Land Rover Discovery, and reaching frontiers that you’d never before imagined on your Brinco Discovery Limited Edition. It seems like a dream, right? Well, it’s a reality!

Where will you be able to see these two marvels together?

SOON! From 11-21 May you have an appointment: the Barcelona Motor Show. You’ll find us if you stop by the Land Rover stand. See you there!

We’ll field all your questions, and you’ll fall in love with the Brinco Discovery. We’re confident that it will be love at first sight, thanks to its exclusive design, radiating elegance, style and power. Are you going to miss it?

Seize this unique opportunity to see the Land Rover Discovery and the Brinco Discovery together!


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