We have a lot to celebrate: a triumph that belonged to our parents, and that we have inherited. Now, after taking the baton, we want to honor that legacy. After half a century the Bultaco Sherpa T is more alive than ever, and to demonstrate this we’ve organized a special day to celebrate its anniversary.

On Sunday 12 July we will hold a magnificent event at the Barcelona-Catalunya Racetrack, thanks to the cooperation and organization of Barcelona’s Motorcycle Museum and Motocat, where the Bultaco Sherpa T will be the star in the spotlight. Don’t think twice about joining us on this special day:

- We’ll kick things off at 10:30 with an exhibition of Sherpa T models in the paddock. There will be 5 trial areas set up on the grounds, with legendary racers signing autographs: Manuel Soler, Ignacio Bultó and Bernie Schreiber will be some of those on hand.

- Then comes the main attraction: at 3:30 pm we travel 50 years back and experience something that we can normally only see on film: a commemorative lap by Bultaco Sherpa Ts around the track.

- And, to wrap things up, a surprise that for both veteran and younger Bultaco buffs alike: the Brinco, the first Bultaco of the new era, will be available for test rides.  Dare to experience the unique riding experience only the Motorcycle/Bicycle can deliver. A trailblazing concept and a whole new approach to 2-wheel transport.

If you want to attend, admission is free. If you want to participate with your Sherpa T you’ll need to sign up in advance on the website.  It´s that simple! Just make sure you save the date. We’re expecting you!




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