#Brincomania rages on!

With the arrival of the good weather, Brincomaniacs hit the streets to enjoy, like children, the unparalleled experience of riding a Brinco.

Summer reflects the energy exuded by the spirit of the Brinco, a vehicle bursting with power and magic that allows you to enjoy unforgettable sensations under the sun.

We love to see how every day more and more Brincomaniacs are uploading their experiences on the social networks. Seeing you enjoying the landscapes that nature gives us, and the summer sun, is an incredible feeling for us!

The Brinco is the perfect sidekick for those getaways you are yearning for after a year of hard work. Your ideal companion to disconnect from stress and immerse yourself in the authentic Rock sensation that all we bultaquistas love.

We have a compilation of the images that we have received for you. This is certainly not all of them, but we have what we have.

The sensations that the Brinco gives you are incredible, which @santipuigmolto knows very well!

A mountain bike on Makina? Well there’s a motor and two wheels..so yeah. #bultaco Una publicación compartida de Makina (@makina.moto) el

Our bultaquista @makina.moto knows that the Brinco R and Nature are made to be together   

#bultaco #bultacobrinco #bultacolifestyle #bultacofuerteventuraexperience #ebike #fuerteventura #elcotillo Una publicación compartida de Thibaut (@thibaut.cyn) el

@thibault.cyn takes a chance to rest on the beach, and we love this combination of the blue sea and the Brinco.

The adrenaline of riding a Brinco on a path like this one is incomparable. Many thanks, @jordisalvansayats!

@josephotopro enjoys a sunset on his Brinco.

Thank you very much. Keep on enjoying the Brinco!

(Cover photo @josephotopro, Instagram)


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