The Brinco seduces world motorcycling champions

What do Sammy Miller, Alex Crivillé, Hector Barberá and Maikel Melero have in common? Their passion for motorcycles, of course, and a competitive spirit, a winning temperament and a gutsy attitude in the face of challenges are some things.

But now there is something more that unites them all. They have tried something new that has seduced them and that they won´t be able to forget: all of them have gotten on a Brinco and their verdict has been unanimous … the Brinco is the best!

Sammy Miller needs no introduction. A Trial world champion, he has bultaquista blood running through his veins. He is a living legend of the Thumb-up brand, and those black and white images of him atop Bultaco bikes are still a thrill. Sammy reminded us of his golden Trial years when he got on our Moto-Bike. He’s like a kid out there!

In the paddock at the Aragon Grand Prix there were many world champions and riders who couldn´t resist the Brinco’s siren song either. Among them were Hector Bárbera and Alex Crivillé, two “monsters” of motorcycling who were dazzled by the Brinco. Want to hear what they said? Check out these videos!

Finally, another FMX superchampion, Maikel Melero, also enjoyed his own particular fling with the Brinco … on which he flew through the air, doing a spectacular backflip!

Such a back flip! The two-times FMX world champion @maikelmelero push the limits of Brinco! #fmx #maikelmelero #bultaco #bultacobrinco #brinco #igersmoto #electricmotor #rockyourday

Un vídeo publicado por Bultaco International (@bultaco_international) el

You read it here. The Brinco hooks you. Our bultaquistas are saying it. And so are world-class motorcycling champions. Everyone is talking about it.

Get on a Brinco!


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