The Brinco jumps into the ring at the Superenduro GP in Spain

The plan was perfect. On Father’s Day generations of motorcycling fans turned out at the bullring in Las Rozas to thrill at the 2016 Superenduro Championship.  And boy were in they in for a treat … and a surprise!

Little they could have known that they were going to enjoy the jumps and skids we had lined up for them.

Before going in they were able to catch a glimpse of a blue Brinco R that left all passing by captivated. Once inside the public was able to enjoy our motorcycle/bikes at the Bultaco stand, with curious attendees able to go over and check out the Brinco inside the facility. There, nestled in their seats, they thought that would be it …. how were they going to allow this?

During a break between events a murmur coming from the entrance to the ring caught the audience’s attention. Voices, a buzz … and then from the mouth of the tunnel emerged something that left everyone stunned: a “runaway” Brinco had escaped and jumped onto the track, much to the delight of all those lucky enough to be there!

For a few moments the agile and nimble Brinco slid around the enduro circuit. Some figures emerged and attempted to catch it, but their efforts proved futile, as it got away from whence it had come, as the crowd applauded. Nothing can stop the Brinco!

The Brinco made a grand entrance, and really made an impression on all those who witnessed the spectacle. The Bultaco invasion was a hit … check out the complete sequence in this video!

And this is just the start. With the Brinco, the best is yet to come!


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