Brinco, a new tool for Murcia’s Environmental Patrol

A few years ago, it was a common sight in our country to see Spanish police and security forces gunning the gas on Bultacos, both in the city and the countryside, an image bringing back memories that today still give all us Bultaquistas goose bumps. Who does not remember, for example, the legendary Bultaco Alpina, used by the Red Cross and the Spanish Army?

Back in the present day we are delighted to have delivered the first Brinco to a public institution since Bultaco’s return, in this case the Local Police of Murcia.

The Brinco will be used by its Environmental Patrol, for which it will cruise the mountains, orchards and gardens of the City of Murcia. Its performance in terms of its motor, pedaling option, battery life, and minimal environmental impact make the Brinco the perfect resource for this division of the Murcia Police.

The delivery was made amidst great excitement by our dealer in the region, Patricia Zambudio (Emisiones 00), and the ceremony was attended by Mr. Ángel Marín, Chief Inspector of the Local Police in Murcia, and Ms. Lola Sánchez, Councilwoman for Traffic and Safety in Murcia. This historic moment for the Thumb-up Brand took place at the Local Police headquarters in Murcia.

This was the first delivery of what we are sure will be a long list of Brincos to serve communities through various institutional bodies.

Because the Brinco is made to enjoy, but also to serve. Soon you’ll be seeing them in your city …

Now the Brinco is out there on the lookout. Check them out!

Murcia Bultaco


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