The Brinco Endurance: A Smash Hit

On the weekend of June 17 and 18 there was an event that many bultaquistas had been waiting for ever since the Brinco was rolled out …

We are talking, of course, about the Brinco Endurance, the event that we organized with the sponsorship and collaboration of major brands like Land Rover and Red Bull.

The event was a big success thanks to you, our bultaquistas, who participated in the races and supported the competitors. The Brinco Endurance showed that Don Paco Bultó’s phrase that “The market follows the checkered flag” continues to be part of the spirit of both the Brinco and Bultaco fans.

A total of 40 riders turned out in the Segovian town of Los Ángeles de San Rafael, where they enjoyed a set of traditional Enduro-type events.

In the first stage we had fun with an almost 40-km race, after which we shifted to a time trial in which all the Brinco’s potential was squeezed from it.

The following day, Sunday 18, we enjoyed 30 km of pure fun on the Brinco, against the incredible backdrops the area offered us. Finally, the participants were posed with a challenge in which they had to conquer a slope without any electrical assistance, thus showing their most athletic side.

All the participants demonstrated exceptional control of the Brinco and, of course, enjoyed the fantastic experience of the Brinco Endurance, with a barbecue and concert to boot.

We are very pleased and grateful for the reaction to the event, and assure you that it will be the first of many. We will soon bring you more!

A new world of experiences marked by the innovative spirit of the Brinco opens up before us, and we are confident that it will mean lots of joy and fun, not just for us, but for all our bultaquistas out there.

Here we leave you with some great photos of the competition and the riders.


Many thanks to the attendees. Keep on pushing the Brinco to the max!


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