The Brinco C. Ready for the country, like never before.

Our Brinco Campera has changed its look, transformed into a completely revamped Moto-Bike.  Its new style maintains all the Brinco’s strength, but adds a touch of elegance and sportiness, with black and yellow to give it that distinctive Bultaco twist, while retaining all the features that make the Brinco C one unique moto-bike.

The Brinco C is designed for your total comfort, with a design offering the ultimate in comfortable riding and helping you to get wherever you need to.

Whether you love to relax riding through the countryside, or to hit the city to run some errands, the Brinco C will be your perfect companion.

It is also available in two different engine options: the moped version goes up to 45 km/h and requires an AM or B driving license, while the 25 km/h max. version requires no driving license, or registration and insurance.*

But that’s not all: our Brinco C is also sustainable and ecofriendly. Riding it means no contamination, thanks to its electric motor, throttle, and independent pedaling system.

All this, without giving up its power or lightness. In short, everything you’re looking for if you want a powerful, comfortable and sustainable vehicle.

After working all year, you deserve a moto-bike like this …

What are you waiting for?

Try out the new Brinco C and let yourself be dazzled by its charms!

* Available in all countries whose legislation specifically regulates two-wheel electric vehicles with unassisted pedaling and this speed limitation.


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