A weeks back we proposed the blog to you as a meeting place for Bultaco fans.

Today we want to announce that Bultaco is taking a big step by launching the first official channels at the international level on the Social Media Networks. Thus, we’d like to welcome Bultaco France, Bultaco Italy and Bultaco International, the channel in English for the whole world.

Back during the time of Don Paco there were already riders who opened their doors to Bultaco in each of their countries: men like Carles Coutard, Claude Coutard, Claude Peugeot and Serge Bacou honorably represented the brand in France, while others, like Giancarlo Bertani, Ettore Baldini, Luigi Taver and Emilio Ostorero did the same in Italy. A long list of other names, like Jim Pomeroy, Sammy Miller, Mike Hailwood, Barry Sheene, Don Rickman, John Grace, Ralph Bryans, Ginger Molloy, Bernie Schreiber, Yrjovesterinen, Martin Lampkin, Jorge Martínez Aspar, Ramón Torras, Sito Pons, Toni Elías, Salvador Cañellas … and many others, from every corner of the world, teamed up for a common cause: Bultaco.

This is all happening very fast, and the return to the market of the brand that Don Paco Bultó founded in 1958 has stirred up such a storm of interest that people in countries everywhere are calling for it. In fact there are many Brinco reserves in several of these countries, such as France and Italy.

If you’re a Bultaco fan and always wanted to stay up on international motorcycle news, this is your chance!


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