- Shi****! A piece of paper is so white when it’s blank! *

Fortunately, we already have hundreds of pages written by the great Don Paco, and by the engineers and designers who worked with him, and the racers who made us famous all over the world, and every one of the bultaquistas that in one way or another have shared with us this Bultaco way of life.

Thus, in this new stage we didn’t want to overlook our great history. Aware of the magnitude of our brand’s legacy, we wanted to pay tribute to the rich tradition of Thumb-up brand.

To do this, we are beginning this “Bultaco History” series, in which, over the next few months, we will talk about the great Don Paco and the company’s early years, its factories, legendary models, the successes of its racers, and all the anecdotes gathered over the decades. We’re here today thanks to them!

A history of passion, of innovation and of competition. A story that makes us great, but also bestows on us a great responsibility. We’re going to tell you how that blank paper was filled up, and we’re going to do it because we’re very proud of what we are.

Will you join us? 

* This Don Paco Bultó quote is from the year 1958, when, shortly after founding Bultaco, he was working with his engineers on the first model, right from the very start.


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