There’s no way say the word “future” without feeling a bit like you’re stepping off a cliff.The future is uncontrollable and unpredictable, and can even be rough.The road to the future looms darkly and no one wants to shed light on it.In this situation most people give up before taking the first step.Some, however, set off on a journey.Formula E:the future is already here

“From competition to the street” by Ramiro Mansanet

Transferring technology between the worlds of street and competition is critical to developing and achieving great things. This is even truer when you’re talking about a technology that offers electrically powered mobility, a reality today limited only by its autonomy, not by its performance. This was evident at the Electric Motorcycle World Championships, where Bultaco’s brainchild grew to become much more than a reality, it took one very large step forward into the future thanks to the know-how of a group of entrepreneurs. This is happening again with the spectacular Formula E, the Formula 1 of electric mobility, where cars reach speeds of 225 km/h with zero emissions.

Forget everything you know about motorsports. Start with blank page. It’s hard isn’t it? We started with four wheels – an absolute imperative – and an engine, but this time an electric one, a sophisticated battery system and chassis designed for competition, designed to fly from curve to curve. And let’s not forget these must-haves: innovation, technology, electric power, speed, and, of course, protecting the environment. That’s what Formula E and all the other types of electric-powered competition are about, a new era in motorsports that has nothing to do with Formula 1.

The experts at Dallara created an extraordinary, light, and aerodynamic chassis. Compared to the bike this one has more room, but not too much more. With everything right on track in the hands of the wizards at Sparks Racing, who gave form to this single-seater with an electric engine manufactured by none other than McLaren Electronics, batteries created by Williams (!!), together with a gearbox made by Hewland, and the best Michelin tires – which may sound like sacrilege, a full-blown attack on the very foundations of Formula 1. In the midst of all this, we should not forget the invaluable assistance and technical support of a brand that really knows Formula 1, Renault. Bernie Ecclestone – who would not have heard of this, and whose heirs apparent included Alejandro Agag, the creator of Formula E  – must be writhing in agony and fuming, since many of the most renowned names and experts in Formula 1 and the world of motorsport have turned to Formula E, which is putting some spectacular single-seaters on the track with new rules, with outputs ranging from 180 to 270 hp, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds, and the autonomy needed to put on a great show and draw the interest of a lot of potential sponsors.

Nobody wants to be left on the sidelines in the future. And the Spark-Renault SRT_01E is already a reality which runs on electricity. Sometimes it even flies. Just ask Nick Heidfeld.

Ramiro Mansanet
Newspress Country Manager
Motor&Sport Director


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