Today we’re here to talk about something more than motorcycles.

All around us we are surrounded by colors, tones and shades that allow us to appreciate everything in a different way, little details that make the difference and cause some features to stand out over others.

The same is true of Bultaco. The color of its motorcycles was carefully studied back when Don Paco Bultó founded the thumbs-up make back in 1958. Each color had its meaning, its nuances, and its own little history.

Many will already have noticed that on our motorcycles a few colors prevail: red, blue, black and gray.

Let’s break them down one by one:

-Red and silver comprised a range of tones for sport models, those that represented the aggressiveness associated with competition and sport riding. We usually connect this color with passion and the desire to live the moment and push ourselves to our limits. This is why the engineering team chose it to represent our daring racers in the races in which they rode.  Do you remember the Tralla 101? Red.  The TSS? Red. And many others, like the Sherpa T, Sherpa S and a long list of others.

-Blue and silver were calmer, more neutral and soothing colors. Designed more for day to-day-use, for the enjoyment of comfort in a more practical way: to ride around downtown, to go to work, to pick up the kids like a good dad should, or even for a short ride or two outside the city. Some bikes that bore these colors were the Bultaco 155, Mercury and Sherpa N.

-And, finally, black and gray. These were for powerful motorcycles loaded with features, dubbed gran turismos. They were designed for long rides, so they were outfitted for serious comfort. In short, the graceful girl in the class, the bike nobody can take their eyes off, but not necessarily because it is spectacular, but because it is elegant and tasteful. Refined on the outside and with everything put together right on the inside. Some of the models that sported this range of colors were the Bultaco 200, 62 Shrapnel and Shrapnel MK2.

What about you, Bultaco buff? What color are you?


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