Take in more than 50 years of history in a single day in a singular place, that’s how relative time is.

On October 31 at the Barcelona Motorcycle Museum the permanent exhibition “Bultaco. Motorcycles of Legend” will be inaugurated. The exhibition is a journey filled with good memories, unforgettable stories, and great deeds, everything from the origins of the brand to its most recent and acclaimed comeback.

The Barcelona Museum – which pays homage to the history of the motorcycle in Catalonia, and especially to the pioneers who drove the industry to greatness – commemorates Spain’s most distinguished motorcycle brand in this moving and fascinating collection.

Thanks to the commendable efforts of people like Cristina Soler and Estanislao Soler (Motorcycle Museum Foundation), each and every visitor will have the opportunity to take delight in this exquisite collection of 26 motorcycles, to delve into their commercial and sporting history, to relive a thousand times over the fascinating story of the illustrious Bultaco family throughout the year, a family that dazzled the world, giving the word “legend” new meaning.


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