Somewhere at a point close to the top of Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina) a motorcycle ridden by a 21-year-old Josep María Llado stops in the area known as La Canaleta, the prelude to the mountain’s summit (6,960 m.). The cold, snow, wind and a surface on which the bike has no grip adds to the fatigue already taking its toll on the expedition.

Josep Maria gets off his bike. It will be 12 days before the weather allows him to get back on it. Just a few centimeters of the handlebars stick out of the snow.

It is January 14, 1977. Along with Lladó were Santi Godó, Jose Bou, Juan Comellas and Jaime Llansana. 5 were members of Moto Club Igualada, and their motorbike, the Bultaco Sherpa T350, has just beaten the two-wheel altitude record.

We had already shown before that we relish big challenges, taking our bikes to the Himalayas and Kilimanjaro, and this time one of our models reached a legendary place where no one had ever been on a motorcycle before. Just like today, we squeeze the most out of every moment and seek out unrepeatable, epic and unforgettable experiences.

Because that is our spirit. In 1977 and 2016, on Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro or the Himalayas … Every challenge is possible! This is why we fight on relentlessly, because to rest … is to begin to die.

Today we pay tribute to those five brave souls and their Sherpas. Thirty nine years later, their efforts and determination show us the path to take.

Bultaco is about passion, and passion knows no limits … so we’re hitting the throttle, for them!


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