This Summer the Brinco Turns Three, with a Very Special Surprise!

The Brinco has been with us for three years now. Three years full of thrills and happiness. Three years working so that you can enjoy the Bultaco experience that has given us so much joy.

To celebrate, we have decided that you, Bultaquista, deserve the very best, so this summer we have got a promotional deal that is going to blow you away. Ready to enjoy the best of the summer with our incredible discounts?

The sun, the beach, the trail … and you pedaling and giving the thumb-up sign as you enjoy the outdoors and the feeling of freedom known only by those who fear nothing. In short, an unforgettable summer.

Do you get the picture?

Well this is the perfect time to get your hands on one!

Now, with the purchase of a Brinco R, Discovery, S or R-E we are giving away the insurance and the registration of your Moto-Bike, or an equivalent discount!

You read that right.

No. We haven’t gone crazy, but this summer, Bultaquista, we want you to have a real blast. This is our way of thanking you for always being there, alongside the thumb-up brand.

Take advantage of these special discounts! Stop by the Bultaco dealer closest to you for all the information.

Supplies are limited, so hurry up and get your Brinco!*

inges boton

* Promotional deal limited to 250 units, requested from any Bultaco dealer until 31/07/2017.
Approximate average cost of insurance and registration: 300 euros.
Discounts on the Brinco S: €479.33 ; Brinco R-E: €359.50 ; Brinco R: €214.04 ; Brinco R Discovery Ltd: €220.24
Amount calculated over the RRP, VAT not included. Check with your dealer.


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