Under the excited gaze of Inés and Paco Jr. Bultó, sons of Don Paco, the Bultaco founding team, Juan Chalamanch, JoséSol i Sol, Alberto Nomen, and Racing Team members Ricardo Quintanilla and Estanislao Soler, showed off their full support to the new team of the “rampant finger”.

In a historical and unbeatable place, the Motorcycle Museum of Barcelona, a symbolic event took place: the former Bultaco generation, full of optimism, handed over the baton to the next generation. The new team was represented by Gerald Poellmann, Juan Manuel Vinós, Inocencio González, Alessandro Bifano and the same Inés and Paco Jr. Bultó. It was there where a core philosophy was shared: the Bultaco way of being, which has always been known for its enthusiasm, its great team work and its overcoming spirit.

In this atmosphere the two generations shared stories, ambitions, and dreams of the past and present; they both showed their excitement about the new era that the legendary brand had just begun. The Bultaco of the 21st century lives with the same passion and commitment for innovation which will keep Bultaco in a place it reached very early: the summit of motorcycling. This video* that captured the event is already part of the History Bultaco Archive.


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