Unbeatable endurance in the not-too-distant past. When success is out of reach, people seek out silence and hold on to it. Nothing is good enough to be given the right to disturb this stillness. But there is still a desire for excitement, a desire to surprise, for something to come along that shakes you to your soul, something that’s passed on in hushed tones, then, without warning, there it is; an engine roars to life and is heard across time.

In 1960, the still unknown Bultaco (which launched its first model in March 1959) devised the perfect plan to make its debut on the world stage. Bultaco made a very special 175cc with refined aerodynamics and a single goal,to beat five world speed records.

Another example of Paco Bultó’s competitive spirit which the brand was able to bring to perfection in this one-of-a-kind model with simple yet meticulous geometry designed specifically for the occasion.

The lack of prepared racing circuits in Spain led Bultaco to move to the French Autodrome in Montlhéry (Paris) with a team led by Paco Bultó comprised of:

  • 5 riders: Marcelo Cama, Ricardo Quintanilla, Paco González, John Grace and Georges Moneret
  • 1 head mechanic: Alberto Nomen
  • 2 mechanics:Jaime Mas and José Codina
  • 1 general and time manager: Félix Arsequell
  • 1 coordinator:Tomás Salafranca

After several days of training, on October 2, 1960, they managed to beat all five long-distance records they had hoped to beat:

  • The 12-hour record in the 175cc and 250cc categories (average speed: 143.760 kmph)
  • The 24-hour record in the 175cc, 250cc, and 350cc categories (average speed: 131.175 kmph)

This is feat made front-page headlines on many papers of the time and marked the brand‘s international launch, and the beginning of what would become a long streak of successes and triumphs over the 20 years Bultaco was in business.


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