Bultaco is nothing without you. We know it, and we know we need you to preserve the values that Don Paco Bultó inspired us more than half a century. And what are those values? The passion for life as a thread, innovation in everything we do as a hallmark, and the competition that we tattooed on our DNA and makes us look to the future with optimism.

But in order to achieve all that we need an indispensable element, something without none of this would make sense. Like electricity in our engines, Bultaco needs their fans to travel on the roads. Bultaco is nothing without you. Your encouragement and enthusiasm motivate us to improve ourselves every day. You are our beacon, our engine and our GPS all in one. So we want to dedicate this post to you, because you, Bultaco lover, are our reason for being.

Fortunately many of you have followed us since we embark on this new stage. This week we get excited with Abilio Calderón, an irreducible Bultaco lover who at 79 still rides his Bultaco Alpina 350 cc. with the enthusiasm of the first day. All an embodiment of our values!

And as Abilio, many more! Recently we surpassed 12,000 followers on our Facebook account in Spain. But we are not satisfied. We want pole position, get in his head and continue to grow with you. So we encourage you to share your ideas, experiences and concerns about Bultaco.We make it easy! In addition to Facebook, you can find us on Twitter, Youtube and of course, Instagram.

Do you have a classic Bultaco and want to show it? Do you love your Brinco and want all Bultaco fans to know it? Do not hesitate and share it! Because we care about your opinion. Because we want to see your photos.

Because in Bultaco you are the star.

Image courtesy of: Abilio Calderón

Bultaco lover at the pic: Jorge Calderón


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