In 1973 the first international satellite broadcast was transmitted: Elvis Presley, performing live in Hawaii. Bands like AC/DC and Kiss were just strumming their first chords, and movies like The Exorcist were putting people’s hairs on end. And for Bultaco it was also going to be one successful year.

In November of 1973 one of the greatest adventures in the history of motorcycling culminated: the “Himalayan Motorcycling Expedition”, a feat that perfectly embodies Bultaco’s values ​​and spirit!

It all started when the group made up of Rafa Puig Bultó, Dimas Veiga, Jaume Samsó Puig, Ramón García-Nieto, Lluís Solé Guillaume and Gerardo Pascual took upon themselves the challenge of reaching the highest altitude possible on two wheels … in the Himalayas! To do this Bultaco gave them six Sherpa 350s, equipped and adapted to endure the harsh conditions awaiting them in the Nepalese mountains. We’ve always relished challenges, and this certainly qualified!

The expedition began in Lukla, in the land of the sherpas. They overcame frigid temperatures, accidents, tough terrain and, against all odds, ascended to 5,156 meters of altitude, by the Imja Khola Glacier, where the snow and weather made it impossible to go further.

The adventure was over but … the legend had been born! The Sherpa 350 and this intrepid group of adventurers had managed to beat the altitude record reached on two wheels, remaining true to the values ​​that Bultaco has always embraced: the passion necessary to embark on an expedition of this magnitude, the innovation present in the Sherpa that made it possible to undertake the feat and, of course, competition, consisting of tackling the planet’s highest peaks and most inhospitable terrain.

Fort-two years have passed since the Himalayan Motorcycling Expedition, but we continue to be as proud of this group and their bikes as we were the very first day.

Challenges are part of our lives. And, as a Bultaquista, we know that they’re part of yours too.

(Image posted by Motocat)


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