When you get on your Brinco…

Do you feel like people are staring?

Yes, we know. When you head out on your Brinco, you do turn heads. They stop you, take photos, ask you about it… our Moto-Bike attracts a lot of attention!

We also know that it’s not easy to explain with words. When people ask you to tell them what riding the Brinco feels like, lots of things come to mind: fun, sport, curves, skids, jumps … you already understand it, but the truth is that it’s not easy to transmit feelings that are so intense …

The Brinco is passion on two wheels. Its design is pure innovation, oozing with creativity, style and quality … above all quality. And it is adaptation, as there is one for each kind of terrain. It is freedom, it is adventure, it is emotion and never knowing what you will discover around the next turn. It is pure fun.

It is this this and much more, but it’s not easy to convey this …

That’s why you tell everyone they’ve got to try it. Because you can tell them but … it’s better if they experience it for themselves!

How? Very simple. At any of our dealers, or the Bultaco Days we organise every month.

Do you want to understand it? Well, don’t wait any longer. Come and try it out!


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