“Change just might be the best place to make your mark.”

Continuous development is possible only when you are truly and fully conscious of the change to which we are all subjected. The context we find ourselves in is an organic entity completely dependent on transformation that dictates where and how we move.

Today, the great cities of the world, reflecting this reality, have started to regenerate using technology to achieve change, which is redefining them. Many cities have already managed to achieve the moniker of “smart cities”, cities concerned about creating a sustainable environment that can meet the changing needs of their inhabitants. Barcelona, for example, is in eighteenth place in a study conducted by Ericsson listing the twenty best-connected cities in the world, a list which also includes cities like Tel-Aviv, New York, Tokyo, Paris, and London.

Innovation has set society on a clear course that will take us to new and never before imagined pinnacles of evolution, and on this journey, intelligence will be the key to creating new prototypes, as Bultaco has done, prototypes can adapt to the roads that lie ahead, yet to be drawn.


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