Bultaquista, this Christmas… have a rock attitude!

“Anyone can make history, but only a great man can write it”- Oscar Wilde

Christmastime is a different time of year and, above all, very special. Time with family, children full of excitement, those New Year’s resolutions…

This is the ideal time for you, Bultaquista, to draw on what you have inside and write your own story, in a unique and unrepeatable way.

Because you don’t need much more if you already have the most important thing: a rock attitude!

This is the mindset that spurs you to get on the Brinco and blaze new paths. Get further by hitting the throttle, or being the strongest on the pedals. Cut through the wind with the Moto-Bike and make the most of each bend in the road. In short, enjoy experiences that make this time of year something even more unforgettable.

And we know that you will. Because, as a Bultaquista, you do Christmas in another way. More intense. More authentic. With a rock attitude, the lights shine much brighter…

You’re already making history.

Rock Your Christmas!


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