Bultaco Store Barcelona: The Legend Continues

Bultaco continues to rewrite its history. December 17, 2015 marked another important milestone: Newmoto Bcn, a Bultaco Motors dealer in Catalonia opened its first Bultaco store in Barcelona.

In 1958, a legend was born in Barcelona. Today, in the same city, 57 years later, the Thumb-up brand is poised to begin a new era.

At this new Store (a 100% Bultaco facility) one can find all the products making up the Bultaco universe: accessories, gear and the revolutionary Brinco! Without any doubt, a Mecca for all of Barcelona’s bultaquistas.

The inauguration was an exciting celebration at which bultaquistas from yesterday and today celebrated the brand’s relaunch in Catalonia.

Julio Espinal Alía, manager of Newmoto Bcn, announced, on behalf of her whole team, how excited and happy they were to be part of Bultaco history. José Antonio Garvía, Bultaco’s General Director of Marketing and Sales, stated that this opening means the brand will be able to continue with everything set forth in its development plan.

Madrid, the Canary Islands, Barcelona… and many more surprises! We want to expand our presence to be closer to you. 7 new openings in Spain and 5 abroad are slated … are you ready for what lies ahead?

Bultaco is everywhere.


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