Bultaco opens a new Space in Zaragoza… let the rock begin!

The Thumb-Up Brand continues to tirelessly travel the road bringing it closer to all its Bultaquistas out there. This time our Aragonese followers are the lucky ones. The fun begins!

At Bultaco we believe in the power of symbols, in respect for our history, and that there are no coincidences. So, 33 years later Velconi Automoción will be our standard-bearer in Zaragoza, charged with taking our brand into Aragon, La Rioja and Navarra. If you want to stay up on everything that’s happening at this Space you can follow our Bultaco Zaragoza Facebook page.

At the opening we could were able to enjoy this new facility together, with the essence of Bultaco ushered into the city by the Ebro. Not surprisingly, the event ended up becoming a party, at which the Brinco ended up stealing the show!

Our Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, José Antonio Garvía, stressed the experience and proven professionalism of our new dealer: José Juan Asín. In his reply the director of Bultaco Velconi stated that his passion will be directed at positioning the brand “in the place it deserves.” And we are absolutely sure he will!

We continue to grow, relentlessly, and we aren’t going to slow down. We want to reach out to you and bring you all the fun we have to offer. We will soon be opening new Spaces and Stores …

Stay tuned!


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