When the sound of rock begins, nothing can stop it. Steady, constant and melodic, the notes waft through the air, reaching more and more corners, beckoning all who hear them to enjoy an unforgettable experience …

For several days rock now has been heard on the streets of Murcia. And it’s no wonder! In collaboration with Emissions 00, Bultaco has opened the city’s first Bultaco Space. There veterans and fans of the thumb-up brand will have access to the whole Bultaco universe, from the revolutionary Brinco Moto-Bike to its whole lineup of clothing, accessories and others items by the legendary brand.

To celebrate this a grand opening party was held at which Emissions 00 Sales Director Patricia Zambudio was accompanied by José Antonio Garvía, Bultaco’s Sales Director, and Business Development Head Daniel Oliver Bultó. There could be no finer way to welcome all Murcia’s bultaquistas to their new home!

Bultaco means fun, innovation, and passion for motorcycles. Bultaco demonstrates that the electric vehicle delivers not just clean energy, but emotion and thrills too. Just two months ago we started working with the Bultaco Brinco. We have already sold the first production series, and have 50% of the vehicles forecast for delivery in February on reserve. The response is extraordinary, and we are confident that the results will be outstanding“. Patrica Zambudio’s remarks express all the enthusiasm with which Bultaco is kicking off its new phase in Murcia.

With the Bultaco Space in Murcia today the Bultaco sales network already boasts four active points of sale (you can check out all of them using our dealer locator):

o   2 Bultaco Spaces: Madrid and Murcia

o   2 Bultaco Stores: Barcelona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Murcia is the latest opening expanding our distribution network, but by no means the latest. We will soon have more news about further openings in Spain and beyond. We’re on a roll!

Bultaco continues to grow, and the sky’s the limit.



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