Sport, competition and teamwork is a terrific trio that Bultaco knows well. The work of our founders has helped us to forge our essence, foment our passion, and feed our enthusiasm every day.

This time our destination was far from the race tracks so familiar to us, but that didn’t stop us, as our Bultaco Sailing Team, made up of a pro/amateur crew with a 100% Bultaco spirit, signed on to sail the “2 MUCH” and to participate in the 2015 ORC World Sailing Championship, going up against sailing’s international elite.

It has been a unique experience, to be sure. During the days of the regatta, in spite of the bad weather, without much wind (which affected our boat particularly, as one of the competition’s heaviest) the crew managed to make the Top 10 in 4 of the 8 regattas, even posting an excellent 3rd place in one. Congratulations Bultaco Sailing Team!

Although we did not wear the laurels of victory in the end, the satisfaction yielded by the teamwork and competitive spirit demonstrated were enough to ensure that our Bultaco Sailing Team will continue to fight and, at its next event, the World Maxis Championship on the Italian island of Sardinia, take to the seas with the same passion, intensity and effort that Bultaco has already instilled in them. 




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