Bultaco conquers the heart of the desert

“The last few meters before reaching the finish line were spectacular, with an atmosphere that I had never experienced before, in any race. People screaming, whistling, clapping …. at that time your feelings and memories surface, and I remembered my mother, my wife, my children and all those who did their bit so that I could enjoy this moment … “

Vicente won the Sahara Marathon! He completed the 42 km route through the desert, amidst dunes and desolate terrain, in just 3 hours, 1 minute and 8 seconds, after overcoming harsh weather conditions, and terrain that is some times sandy, and other times other rocky, and after pulling ahead of the other runners and crossing the finish line first.  He is the champion, having taken the Bultaco Runners team to the top in its first experience.

It is hard to feel prouder.There are no words to describe it. Vicente’s victory is theirs, belonging to all the inhabitants of the refugee camps who urged him on during the competition, and the friends and relatives who accompanied him and gave him strength in the race’s most difficult moments. And, of course, all the bultaquistas who Vicente represented in this unforgettable experience.

It is true that he was not the favourite, and it is also true that victory is not really the most important thing at the Sahara Marathon. But, still, Vicente has proven more than worthy of carrying the Bultaco banner. Why?

For his passion when it came to seeking the necessary resources to help those who need it most. For his innovative spirit, thanks to which he managed to fuse solidarity and sport, and give it a new dimension. And, finally, the competitiveness that made him the champion of an event that nobody thought he could win. How could we be anything but proud?

At Bultaco, as sponsors of the Bultaco Runners team and Vicente Grande Duque, all we can say is …

Vicente grande celebrando la victoria



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