Bultaco Runners in the Sahara Marathon: Hope Wins

For Don Paco Bultó, the founder of our firm and personification of our values, the checkered flag meant a lot. So much, in fact, that one of his trademarks was his famous black and white checkered hat. For us, the checkered flag has always meant victory, success, coming in first, never giving up, persevering, giving it our all … in short, triumph.

Just like the triumph posted by the Bultaco Runners team at the Sahara Marathon, represented by Vicente Grande Duque. Winning at sports but, above all, in the sphere of solidarity and doing right by people, which is what really matters.

After the incredible experience of spending a week in refugee camps, Vicente himself shared his thoughts on his stay in these Sahara facilities, and what it has meant for this huge project. It all started with a trip to Algeria, and butterflies prior to the start the expedition:

It seemed that the day would never come, but the adventure finally began with a farewell to my family at the airport, whom I missed terribly, and welcoming the rest of colleagues, with whom I spent a dream week, slaking my thirst for adventure, and living and sharing with Saharawi families their customs, habits, culture and concerns. “

After several months of arduous preparation, effort, and sacrifice, the time finally came. Vicente Grande, our representative of the #BultacoRunners at the XVI edition of the Sahara Marathon, touched down in Tindouf (Algeria) to begin his adventure in the desert dunes. After the first night, Vicente recalled his feelings upon awakening:

“The first day dawned very early, and when I opened my eyes I found four kids, ages 2, 6, 12 and 13, watching us, wanting to chat and play. We westerners could learn a thing or two from the happiness and love that these people transmit, despite how little they have. “

Runner Bultaco Vicente Grande

It should not be forgotten that, in addition to its athletic dimension, the whole project was primarily aimed at improving the harsh living conditions endured by refugees living in the camps, people who, in Vicente’s view, are exemplary in many ways:

“Despite the situation in which they find themselves, without even their basic needs met, suffering subhuman conditions, the people who live here retain an innate value that prevails above everything else: HOPE.”

The kind of hope that spurred Vicente, with Bultaco’s support, to raise over 2,700 euros, which will go entirely to projects to improve conditions at the camps. Thanks to his dedication, his fundraising campaign outdid all others undertaken in recent weeks, in addition to the medicine and school supplies also sent there for distribution amongst area inhabitants:

“The initiatives undertaken have been successful, not only because of the media coverage generated, but also due to what all of us have managed to contribute: 2 boxes of medicine, 3 boxes of school supplies, and 2,772 euros to set up schools and hospitals. “

Bultaco Runner antes de la expedición

The over 42 km of strides for solidarity taken by Vicente, in a feat that saw him proclaimed the champion of a race no one expected him to win, are a true reflection of the runner’s spirit and that of the Bultaco Runners team he represented:

“I’m very happy with my success, coming to the desert to run for the first time, and winning. This is something very few can do. But it’s important to remember that one doesn´t just show up here and win. You compete like you train, and the preparation (14 weeks) was very tough, really demanding … “

In addition to his great victory in the race, the Bultaco Runners team’s whole involvement in the Sahara Marathon was a success. We are proud to have contributed to Vicente’s charitable project and, above all, to have shared with him the experience of living with Saharawi families that, even in these difficult times, teach us how to be happy, even without anything:

“I’ll be forever grateful to Bultaco for allowing me to take these strides for solidarity in the desert, trusting me to transmit to a very needy people a spirit of hope and optimism.”

Bultaco will always be grateful to Vicente for his perseverance, his gutsy attitude, for never giving up, for bearing the Bultaco Runners team’s banner like nobody else, and allowing hope to prevail amongst the most disadvantaged.

Today we feel that we have done our small part to do something really important, and we can proudly say that our runner crossed the finish line of the Sahara Marathon first – under a checkered flag.

Today, Don Paco would be proud.

Bultaco Runners llegando a la línea de meta

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