Bultaco, Legendary Motorcycles: An Exhibition to Remember

Time passes, but the values endure. And if they are those a great brand like Bultaco, even more so. Our bikes were burned into the collective memory of several generations, who grew up listening to the sound of their engines. A feeling that is difficult to explain, and even harder to forget.

Today, through the exhibition “Bultaco: Legendary Motorcycles” those grandparents, parents and children were able to enjoy once again our top models, from yesterday and today, at a venue oozing the Bultaco spirit. Bikes that have made us a timeless symbol of the values that define us: passion, innovation and competition.

Therefore, being able to bring together the legendary Astro, Tralla 101 and Frontera, which in the past won us fame all over the world, with our new concepts, like the Brinco and the Rapitán Sport, was a fantastic opportunity to show that Bultaco was great in the past, is great in the present, and will be even greater in the future. The exhibition is over, but it was a smash success that will leave unforgettable memories.

Attracting some 15,000 visitors over a year and a half, the great turnout prompted organizers to extend the exhibition several months beyond its original October closing date. Lifelong bultaquistas showed up with their children and grandchildren, legendary racers of our brand … many visits left us with images we’ll never forget.

Amongst them, stars from Bultaco history, like Yrjo Vesterinen and Manuel Soler, the legendary motorsports journalist Dennis Noyes, the rider Toni Elias, with the bike that made his father Spain’s Motocross champion, or that by the TV show “Distrito GP,” which turned the exhibition into a luxury set for their viewers.

This success also generated publicity, as many specialized and general media outlets, and even some international ones, covered this showcase of genuine treasures on two wheels.

There is no better reflection of what Bultaco has meant and means for many visitors than the comments in the exhibition’s guestbook:

-       “I loved the exhibition, as a rider of motorcycles, and Bultacos, specifically.”

-       “Really inspiring moments. I hope that the return is a resounding success, replete with Bultaco’s values.”

-       “Thank you for allowing us to relive a great brand like Bultaco. Congratulations”

“Bultaco: Legendary Motorcycles” is already history, but it achieved its goal and then some, having served as the best possible bridge between lifelong bultaquistas and the next generation, a mirror of the values that make our brand great,and an unbeatable way to publicize our rich history.

We can only thank you. Thanks to all who visited us. Those from the past, and those who have just discovered us now. Thanks to the Museu de la Moto for being our “garage” all this time and sharing our history and values ​with all the visitors, above and beyond this exhibition. And thanks to our fans for making Bultaco much more than a legendary brand …

Thank you to everyone for making Bultaco a name that transcends history!


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