Lander Urquijo: A Luxury Ambassador for the Brinco

We’re celebrating once again. We keep getting more and more good news, and this time it was the presentation of the Brinco S at the prestigious tailor’s Lander Urquijo.  Tradition and modernity, harmoniously coexisting. It was a real party!

Lander Urquijo, the winner of a National Entrepreneurship Award in the Fashion Sector in 2015, will now be the proud ambassador of the Thumb-up Brand. To celebrate, we threw a party at the fashion brand’s second store in Madrid.

As usual at these events, our Brinco stole the show, with all eyes drawn to it throughout. On this special day we were joined by numerous friends, like the presenter Ainhoa ​​Arbizu, who served as an MC at the presentation, meteorologist Roberto Brasero, and former footballer Iván Helguera. Nobody wanted to miss it!

In addition to the brand-new white Brinco S that welcomed all the attendees, the store window also served to showcase other members of the family: the R, R-E and the C. The passers-by gaped, as the Brinco invariably commands attention.

Now all those visiting Lander stores in Madrid can see the unique Moto-Bike that has revolutionized the world of two-wheel transport.

An unforgettable event in a matchless setting. Tradition and style, fused with technology and innovation. The beginning of a beautiful friendship between Lander and Bultaco. The dawn of a new era.

That of the Brinco’s reign.



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