Not long ago, we received great news: Bultaco is back. For many people it means the fulfillment of a dream. Today, all ‘bultaquistas’ can witness Bultaco’s thrilling next stage day-by-day. 

The latest news is about the first distribution agreement signature.

Bultaco Motors is proud to announce its allies for the opening of the first store of the “Thumbs-up” brand. 

They are Fernando Valderrama, José Conesa and Álvaro Lozano, the owners of Ski Market (at Las Rozas, Madrid) – a top spanish retailer within the winter sports market – and also founders of the new Mudville Motorcycles store (at Las Rozas, Madrid). Fernando, José and Álvaro are great motorcycle fans and connoisseurs of the Bultaco brand. They 100% understand and feel the ‘Bultaco Attitude’  - passion, innovation and competition – and they have only one mission: to share it with all ‘bultaquistas’, both past and future generations.

That’s something real: we are ever closer to riding on the back of the new Bultaco, and best of all, to continue making history with this legendary Spanish motorcycle brand. 


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