Enthusiasm! … Among the three values that identify this legendary brand, passion, innovation and competition, let me speak about the first one.

Passion: our grandfather, Don Paco Bultó, gave each of his grandchildren a small cardboard with a poem by Gregorio Marañón which he took as a personal belief, and so, applied it to the”Bultaco Philosophy”. It says:

“To live is not just to be. But to be and to create. To know how to enjoy and how to suffer,and not to sleep without dreaming. To rest…is to begin to die.

That is why any vehicle that carries the Bultaco brand, all that disruptive and innovative technology, all successes at racing, all design features of a Bultaco, inexorably must transmit”enthusiasm”.

Enthusiasm to be able to relish every moment of life; to enjoy the feeling got from riding a motorbike designed to convey emotion, enthusiasm…in a word, to feel fully alive!

That explains why one of my grandfather’s favorite posters was always the one saying:“BULTACO: Enthusiasm!”

Daniel Oliver Bultó
Don Paco Bultó’s Grandson


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