Bultaco: An inside look

Bultaco is much more

And the Brinco is much more than a product.

But you already know that.

Behind the Thumb Up and our Moto-Bike lies a commitment to new ideas, the hard work of many professionals, and the dedication and enthusiasm of an entire team.

On Friday, 7 April we had the pleasure of once again sharing all this at our home (the Bultaco Factory in Montmeló) with several media outlets covering the industry … and we are glad to say that none of them were left yawning. Thanks to everyone for helping us share what we do and how we do it, and for spreading the unique Bultaco spirit.

What they’re saying about us…

First, as our friends at Motofan say, we are a family, and families sure do things better. They were able to witness first-hand the painstaking manufacturing process behind each Brinco, making them genuine works of art.

Autobild Spain sees the Brinco’s magic emerging from its adventurous spirit, that chill that runs down your spine when you hit the electric throttle and the pedals at the same time, or when you jump, or skid out.


Another special sensation the Brinco evokes is that of feeling like a kid again, regaining that child-like vision and special way of having fun that only children understand. SoloMoto cited the same thing after a spin on our Moto-Bike.

Although our friends at SoloBici call it a “very special eBike“, the truth is that the Brinco, as all of you that have ridden it well know, is more… much more!


The magazine Autopista suggested that you put your own spin on our Brinco, and revealed the Moto-Bike that continues to delight us, and on which you can have loads of fun.

In summary, nothing can stop the Brinco. We are seeing more and more images of you giving the thumb-up sign alongside our Moto-Bike, a sign that you’re having a blast on it. Well, like we’ve said …

Keep it up! Nothing makes us happier!


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