Bultaco touches down in Arab Emirates!

In collaboration with EMOTO MIDDLE EAST, our distributor in the area, we are participating in the Big Boys Toys event in Abu Dhabi, dedicated to cutting-edge technology and innovation in the world of luxury products. And, of course, we just had to be there.

Our Moto-Bike feels right at home amidst all the glamour, and is currently sparking great interest among the select audience on hand at the impressive National Exhibition Centre in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

This is a unique and fitting venue for the Brinco, sure to delight the urbanites making their way around the region and city’s huge skyscrapers and wide avenues.

And for the most adventurous? Skids in the arid desert sands, and jumps from dunes, through the shade of palm trees … the Brinco is eager to conquer new territories and, once again, go where very few dare.

The Big Boys Toys is just a first step. Soon Bultaco will have his first Bultaco Space in Dubai!

Bultaco continues to conquer cities, to get closer to the people.

We just keep on growing. And we’re not going to stop!


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