The first Bultaco of the new era is now a reality. The Brinco is already on a roll, demanding to be seen and experiencedEver since its first wheel hit the ground it has been proudly showing off its Bultaco credentials at various motor events, unveiling this new concept and allowing people to enjoy an unforgettable Brinco experience.

Some have already gotten a look at the first Bultaco of the new era, thanks to the events at which has been featured. In Spain – more specifically, in Madrid and Barcelona – we have been welcomed for the first demo-rides, carried out at the Reebok Sports Club La Finca and the Club Bonasport. The Brinco has also been rolled at other similarly exclusive venues, like Autobello (a landmark event in the motor and luxury worlds) in Madrid, and the Barcelona ORC World Championship, at which Bultaco actively participated with the Bultaco Sailing Team.

The Brinco can be explained, and it can be shown, but to really appreciate what it is and how much fun it can be, one has to get on it and experience this new concept in 2-wheel transportation for himself.

Nevertheless, every day there are more and more of you asking for a better look and a fuller experience of the Brinco. For all of you out there we would like to announce that in the near future, thanks to the cooperation of our dealers, who will soon open their doors – first in Spain, followed by the main European markets – we will be organizing more Bultaco Days at which you will have the opportunity to experience the Brinco and the whole Bultaco world.

Brinco has begun its journey, and promises to be unstoppable. If you too want to become a “Bultaco buff” and be part of history, keep an eye on us.

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