The reception the Bultaco Brinco got when its presales campaign was launched was incredible: over 90 reservations made across Europe, a wave of interest across the globe, and questions every day about the details of this new idea.

A big thanks to all of you! Your trust in us and your enthusiasm have motivated us to keep working diligently on this highly innovative project that is redrawing the borders of biking.

While we wait for Brinco to make its début (not long now!), we thought it would be a good idea to make a summary of some of the most frequent questions that have come up about the new Brinco.

  • What is the Brinco?

The Bultaco Brinco is a “moto-bike”, a new and groundbreaking concept that combines 100% propulsion with the physical experience of independent pedalling. The Brinco is 100% Bultaco excitement! Welcome to the future of biking.

  • Use

The Brinco can be used in any environment: on the back roads, with performance that is stunning even the most demanding bikers, and in town, thanks to its combination of agility, connectivity and uniqueness. We give you different possibilities, and you choose what is right for you at any moment to get the most out of your Brinco experience.

It can carry a load of 130 kg (rider + additional loads like luggage).

We’d like to remind you that the Brinco does not come in different sizes. If it did it wouldn’t be a “moto-bike”. However, thanks to its adjustable seat, you can fine-tune it to the the most comfortable position for you.

  • Independent pedalling

The Brinco pedalling system is independent, not assisted. This means that the engine is not needed to pedal, but pedalling does combine with it to increase propulsion.

Independent pedalling opens up a range of different riding possibilities, offering riders the possibility of fine-tuning their Brincos to find the best combination of engine and pedal power for any situation: engine, pedalling, or combo.

  • Street legal requirements

The 175 “Bultaco is Back” Limited Edition Bultaco Brincos are not standardised, which means a license is not needed for private use. You don’t have to pass vehicle inspection (ITV), pay for insurance, or pay registration taxes.

  • Price and difference between editions

The price is as follows: 4,800 dreams. Oops, I meant to say €4,800.

After the fantastic reception the 175 Limited Edition Brincos got, we’re going to launch another standard edition of the Bultaco Brinco at the end of September and one more Brinco, that will be street legal, at the end of the year.

  • Test driving a Brinco

Since this is a presales campaign, right now we don’t have models for test drives or exhibition on the market. The first of these will be available this April.

You’ll have to wait a bit, but we’ll keep you up to date on how things are progressing. We recommend you sign up for our newsletter (go to www.bultaco.es or www.bultacobrinco.es) to stay up to the minute on the latest news.

Bultaco is back. Dream again!


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