Polo is one of the world’s most time-honored sports. Prestigious, elegant, dynamic and extreme, it is synonymous with nobility and beauty.

Embracing the same values that Polo embodies, Bultaco chose to sponsor the International Summer Tournament, held at the Club de Santa Maria in Sotogrande (Spain), one of the 4 most prestigious polo circuits in the world, along with the Argentinean, the American and the British, with tournaments as prominent as the Queen’s Cup, U.S. Open, Gold Cup and British Open.

During the last week of August Bultaco was on hand at the Club de Santa María de Sotogrande, one of the most prestigious venues in Europe, where we presented the Bultaco Brinco.

Bultaco is back, and it´s here to stay. Dreaming of conquering the land, air and the sea is something we want you to be part of.

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